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The artist does a great job of conveying the "old library" feel. Rapunzel looks sad, yet hopeful at the same time in this picture, whic...

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War- Owari no Seraph by Phantom1424 War- Owari no Seraph :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 1 0 Hidden Moustaches- Miraculous Ladybug by Phantom1424
Mature content
Hidden Moustaches- Miraculous Ladybug :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 1 0
Dangerous Temptation- Chapter 1
The world changed when he moved in.
Chapter 1
I Heard the Call
Clatta, clatta
Strange sounds coming from outside the window woke Liam from his dream before his alarm clock got the chance to. Groaning tiredly, he sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Liam checked the time on his clock- 5:23 AM. Way too early for a weekend to start, but Liam was awake, so he thought he might as well go out and see what was going on outside. After pulling on a pair of baggy blue jeans, a faded gray t-shirt and red converse, Liam went down the carpeted stairs and opened the front door of his house. To his right, he noticed what looked like a moving truck parked outside of his neighbor's house. Workers were carrying furniture and large boxes into the house as the new neighbors told them where to put everything. The new folks consisted of a husband and wife, who looked to be in their late forties, and a son, who seemed to
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Newbie- Axel x OC
Chapter One
The moment we warped into the castle, I felt every pair of eyes glaring at me from above. I was the new kid; the thirteenth member of Organization 13. I could hardly move; whether I was frozen with fear or just frozen I couldn't tell. Xemnas cleared his throat before speaking to the other members. I wasn't really paying attention to his speech, much less anything around me in general. It was strange. I was conscious, that much I knew, but I felt like I was in a dream all the same. When I moved, it was like moving through muddy water; slow and thick.
A cold, gloved hand on my shoulder shook me out of my reverie.
“I present to you the thirteenth member of the Organization: Valix!” exclaimed Xemnas.
Whispers were exchanged between the Organization members upon hearing my name. Some were wondering if I were a boy or a girl, which made me giggle inside. Even with the hood covering my face, I doubted they wouldn't have noticed my breasts.
I felt Xemnas w
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Mature content
Love Will Remember- Eren x Levi (Reincarnation AU) :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 1 0
Mature content
Legacy- Eren x Levi :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 0 0
Mature content
For the First Time :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 1 0
Final Hours- Eren x Levi
Captain Levi stared at the blank sky. Until now, he never really thought much about his role as Eren's guardian. Ever since the teen was discovered to be a titan-shifter, Levi had been in charge of keeping Eren and his abilities in check. Now, Eren was back in that cell, all because Levi had failed to keep his promise. He had let Eren transform, knowing the boy had little control over his abilities. Eren had lost control and ended up killing hundreds of people. Levi had to stop him before any more innocent people were hurt or killed. He sliced Eren out of the nape of his Titan form's neck and immediately flew back to Survey Corps' headquarters. When Eren woke up, Levi told him what had happened. Eren had no memory of the incident, but to the judges, it didn't matter. They declared that Eren Jaeger was to be excecuted tomorrow.
Now, Captain Levi was in his bedroom, gazing stoically out the window. When a situation was hard to handle, Levi's only defense mechanism was to hide his emotion
:iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 1 0
I was bored, okay?!! by Phantom1424 I was bored, okay?!! :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 1 0 Why I love Google Images by Phantom1424 Why I love Google Images :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 2 0 You Know you did This When you Were Little! by Phantom1424 You Know you did This When you Were Little! :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 1 0 Surprise Kiss! (Koi Pictures 9) by Phantom1424 Surprise Kiss! (Koi Pictures 9) :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 3 4 Hiding (Koi Pictures 8) by Phantom1424 Hiding (Koi Pictures 8) :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 1 0 Dopplegangers (Koi Pictures 7) by Phantom1424 Dopplegangers (Koi Pictures 7) :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 0 0 Exhale (Koi Pictures 6) by Phantom1424 Exhale (Koi Pictures 6) :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 0 0 Angel (Koi Pictures 5) by Phantom1424 Angel (Koi Pictures 5) :iconphantom1424:Phantom1424 0 0


You're Not A Freak (Hiro Hamada X Disabled!Reader)
You sighed, staring at the doors in front of you.
What are people going to say?
What am I talking about?
When you were born, you were born disabled. One of your arms had not developed at all. Doctors were worried, your parents were worried, everyone was worried.
You found other things children found easy difficult. You couldn't climb, you couldn't get dressed on your own, and you learned how to walk later than usual, seeing as you couldn't crawl properly in the first place.
However, your parents soon started to realize that you were actually a lot 'brighter'. Seeing as you couldn't do most things on your own, you soon started to come up with ways to do them differently, and that fit your style.
You became so smart, you designed a blueprint for a metal arm when you were 7. It took you a few years to get it right, but you got there in the end. Seeing as the non stop flooding of insults from other kids, mostly being the word 'freak', you had a lot of time on your hands. Or, shoul
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 295 123
Before I Do
Sam ran as fast as she could, doing her best to avoid anybody she knew who would kidnap her and drag her away to the makeshift dressing room in one of the hotel's rooms. She tripped over her long white train in her haste, and fell straight into the arms of a certain ghost boy.
"Save me," she pleaded, as she yanked her skirts up and he stood her up questioningly. "Go ghost and fly me out of here before I go insane."
"Um, Sam," Danny's voice suppressed laughter. "What's going on?"
"This," she indicated to her long, white, ridiculously lacy and gaudy gown, "this wedding. Everything!"
"Are you thinking of backing out," he teased, kissing her lightly on her creased forehead. "I hope not. You'll break my heart."
"Why would I back out?" she grinned. "After all, if I dumped you now, who would be the face of my new non-profit environmental organization?"
He shook his head in mock sadness. "I should have known you'd have an ulterior motive to marrying me."
"Sammykins!" a high-pitched squeal echo
:iconphantomsangels2:PhantomsAngelS2 41 29
Phantom's Angel
As Sam walked barefoot through the barely lit locker room reeking of sweat and cheap perfume, all she could do was roll her eyes at the gossiping teenage girls and mutter to herself, "I hate this. I hate this a lot."
It wasn't the P.E. part she despised—unlike most of the drama queens in her class, who ran each lap ridiculously slowly and complained of side-aches after a minute or so of slow jogging—P.E. was damn easy. She could outrun almost anyone in either the guys or girls P.E. classes (after freshman year, conservative parents were concerned about the shameless flirting and folding of the gym shorts until the school agreed to spilt them into two groups), she had good upper body strength, and the track coach had been trying (in vain) to get her to join team.
Not that Sam would ever join the track team. She, in her words, didn't 'believe in organized sports,' and thought that the money funded in all the sports programs would go to better use in the arts and drama department. Much to
:iconphantomsangels2:PhantomsAngelS2 237 98
A Wish by Selenada A Wish :iconselenada:Selenada 316 91 DP: Commission - Time to feed by Echoheartx DP: Commission - Time to feed :iconechoheartx:Echoheartx 82 35 DP: What if He was Mine? by Phantassel DP: What if He was Mine? :iconphantassel:Phantassel 56 11 DP: Would you grab his hand? by Phantassel DP: Would you grab his hand? :iconphantassel:Phantassel 36 19 DxS AU - Princess and the Stable Boy (Dark Ages?) by DPPHAN DxS AU - Princess and the Stable Boy (Dark Ages?) :icondpphan:DPPHAN 62 21 Phantom of the North by KiwiLeeScipio Phantom of the North :iconkiwileescipio:KiwiLeeScipio 111 15 Phantom is sick - Commission by Xandreita93X Phantom is sick - Commission :iconxandreita93x:Xandreita93X 156 46
Ecto-Paralysis Chapter 5
Chapter 5
“Sam!” Tucker exclaimed as the girl rushed in, snapping in place her helmet as she did so. “Did you get it?”
Sam held out a vial of green liquid as the two men walked over to her. She quickly turned to see Maddie and Danny, almost gasping at what she saw. Maddie’s skin held a green glow as if the human part of her was disappearing. Her hair was graying though still held red steaks in it. Danny’s hair was a lighter gray than his mother’s and his body had started to shine a ghostly white as if his Phantom form was showing through.
“What is it?” Jack asked, taking the vial from Sam’s hands.
“Hopefully a cure.” Sam said, praying that Vlad wouldn’t trick them.
Jack stuck a needle into the vial and pulled it in, taking only half into the syringe. The man went over to Danny first and inserted the needle into the IV drip to add it to the mix of chemicals trying to keep him alive. The man quickly went over t
:iconkiwileescipio:KiwiLeeScipio 5 9
Shackled by KiwiLeeScipio Shackled :iconkiwileescipio:KiwiLeeScipio 32 11
Ecto-Paralysis Chapter 4
Chapter 4
“What in blazes does Sam think she’s doing!?” Jack exclaimed as before his eyes the young girl stole his Specter Speeder.
“Dad.” Danny called, trying to get the man’s attention.
Jack turned towards his son, shutting the containment back up behind him.
“I asked her to leave.” Danny said.
Jack walked over to his son and almost blanched at what he saw. His son’s skin had lost any bounce it had and now draped over his skull as cloth would. It had yet to change to a purple color, which surprised the man since his son clearly had had it longer than his wife. Maybe because he was younger he was able to fight it more. Jack hoped. “Why did you ask her to leave?” Jack asked.
“We…” Danny paused as if thinking it through how he should word it. “We know of someone who might have an antidote and I asked Sam to go and see if he did.”
Tucker looked at Danny as if he said something he should not ha
:iconkiwileescipio:KiwiLeeScipio 4 18
Ecto-Paralysis Chapter 3
Chapter 3
As Sam took in the view of the room she was sure her heart skipped a beat. She had been asked to monitor the computer as it ran through samples of Danny and his mother’s blood and was now just waiting for it to beep.
Danny’s skin was whiter than when he was in ghost form. He looked on the brink of death laying with an IV dripping into his arm and an oxygen mask on his face. But his mother looked worst. She looked past death. Her skin had started to turn purple, her eyes were sinking into her skull, and her hands were turning blue as Sam stood and watched. Jack stood beside his wife at the moment, holding her hand and whispering something to her.
Tucker at the moment was trying to get Danny to be cheery, or maybe it was the other way around since Danny was the one trying to crack jokes. Faced with uncertainty, Danny will always have an optimistic outlook. That might be why Sam found herself biting her bottom lip to stop the tears from falling.
A beep got Sam to tur
:iconkiwileescipio:KiwiLeeScipio 3 1
Northern Lights by KiwiLeeScipio Northern Lights :iconkiwileescipio:KiwiLeeScipio 52 13
Ecto-Paralysis Chapter 2
Chapter 2
“I really don’t think they’ll dissect you, Danny.” Sam said, resting a gloved hand on his shoulder as their friend started shaking. “They are still your parents.”
“Kids?” Maddie called.
“Coming.” Danny said as Sam grabbed for her helmet.
Sam attached the helmet before following her friends down to the basement. The three stopped once they saw that the lab had been turned into something like a quarantine doctor’s lab.
Maddie walked over to her son and looked him in the eyes, only to find what she feared. “Jack, he does have it. Green pigments are showing up in his eyes.” She said over her shoulder as tears formed at her eyes again.
Sam and Tucker glanced towards one another, fearing his parents were going to experiment on their best friend.
“Have what?” Danny asked, worried at his parents expressions only to find himself in a coughing fit for a moment.
Jack waited until the boy had stoppe
:iconkiwileescipio:KiwiLeeScipio 3 1




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